A long career journey with ADNH Compass A LONG CAREER JOURNEY WITH ADNH COMPASS A story by Mohamed Yusuff Abdul Kader.

A long career journey with ADNH CompassI joined ADNH Compass almost forty years ago or to be more precise thirty-eight years ago.

ADNH Compass was the first company I joined when I arrived in the UAE and from day one, I knew that I was the right fit for the company. Now I’m retiring. Many think that I’m old fashioned with one-company-for-life approach, and I admit that is very uncommon nowadays, but I am genuinely delighted with my choice. I was able to climb the ladder within a familiar and professional environment. I strongly believe that a relationship between an employer and an employee must be based on mutual respect,  commitment and loyalty. By having this reciprocal golden triangle in place, there is simply no need for an employee to look for another opportunity, and so I never have.  Especially since ADNH Compass is the best company on the market withing catering and cleaning industry.

Anyway, my journey with ADNH Compass started with me serving as a cleaner & trolly boy. I never looked down on the job, instead I always looked up to understand how I can make the difference. Only after six months of my joining ADNH Compass, I embarked on a career-growth trajectory. I cannot even recall all the roles, but I went on to support the storekeeping teams, to be further promoted to Head of Admin & Accounts, Assistant Ops Manager, and now I’m retiring as an Operations Manager (since 2006). Hence, from a cleaner I worked my way up to become an Operational Manger in charge of 500 staff.

I worked on different projects, ranging from strategic oil & gas projects, to providing food to refugees. I had tough times with six days per week night-shift work, but I also had plenty of gratifying experiences especially when I was supporting catering for the refugees. 

Looking back at my career, I can clearly understand what “organic growth” within the company means; it means that you roll-up your sleeves, learn the trade from the bottom-up and only when you have a thorough understanding of how things work on the site, you can comfortably move to management roles. Otherwise, there is a huge gap.

JourneyNo doubt that a healthy environment within the company and internal support provided by my colleagues have played a critical role. I have learned how important it is to respect and help your team members, praise them when they do a good job and share your knowledge with your team. 

Many senior people within the company have helped me grow and have rewarded my hard work, curiosity and passion to learn. As I grew, I applied the same principles. Anytime I see a competent and hard-working team member, I feel it is my duty to coach them and guide them to success. There is no greater reward to me, but to see some many of my “students” achieve remarkable career growth within ADNH Compass. At the same time, keeping an open and transparent relationship with my clients has helped both me personally and ADNH Compass build many strategic partnerships.

Finally, I feel that I have not missed out on anything by staying with ADNH Compass for such a long time. On the contrary, I feel that the respect I earned within the company is priceless. I currently look forward to my retirement and spending quality time with my family back home in India. I will have many stories to tell them, in particular about my life in the UAE and lessons learned at ADNH Compass.