Mastering the Art of Cooking

The Culinary Academy is a perfect demonstration of our commitment to delivering the best quality and value in food services for our clients in the UAE.

In response to our Clients’ need for higher quality chefs capable of delivering a superior catering service, our dedicated Regional Executive Chef Richard Green established the ADNH Compass Culinary Academy. 

Figure 1 The first cohort of graduates from the ADNH Compass Culinary Academy

A World Association of Cooks Society (WACS) certified Master Chef, Richard wasted no time in setting up the programme which lasts for 14 months. Trainees are taken through an intensive training framework split into 3 skills levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced – and learn essential skills such as how to prepare the perfect steak and entrees and sides before moving on to the advanced kitchen management curriculum.

To date, 10 chefs have taken part in the programme and they successfully graduated in September 2019. 

Selecting the top candidates from International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) 

The first cohort of 10 culinary students were carefully selected from a pool of 120 from various IIHM sites across India. IIHM is known as one of the best hotel management colleges in India that offers globally recognised International degree in Hospitality Management.

Chef Richard supported by our UAE Recruitment team, visited cities in India to conduct rigorous interviews which included aptitude and trade skills tests. However, in addition to looking for general excellent performance throughout each students’ 3 years of study, the team wanted to find students who demonstrated real passion for food, creativity and desire to create memorable experiences with food.

Vishal Subba, GM Human Resources said “This is a really exciting initiative and it will have a hugely positive impact on our future selection process”. 

Fine Dining, Patient Feeding and Nutrition for Kids & Young Adults

As a multi sector organisation, we deliver catering and food services to a wide range of clients in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain. Our services include employee feeding solutions in organisations such as banks, hospitals, large offices and government institutions. Healthcare is a big sector for us where we deliver patient feeding suitable for normal and special diets. Additionally, we partner with educational institutions to deliver catering services embedded into campus life.

As part of their programme, the students completed three months work experience at three individual work sites categorised as fine dining, education and healthcare. 

Dragon’s Den style graduate auction

At ADNH Compass, we like to innovate and do things differently wherever the opportunity presents itself. Going beyond the usual certificate and awards ceremony, our graduate chefs took part in a cook-off auction where the prize was a formal job offer with competitive salary package. 

The team were tasked with creating 3 dishes; a starter, a main course and a dessert, to be presented to a panel of judges. The judges consisted of regional and sector managers all looking for talented chefs for their operational sites. 

The results were amazing, with the bright young students experimenting and producing a range of dishes that were quite frankly ingenious. These included a mousse dessert which had the judges guessing about what the fruity ingredient was. It was beetroot.

The top two performers were the two females of the group who were offered Chef de Partie roles. All other graduates were also offered jobs at operations across the business.