Stop Food Waste Day

At ADNH Compass, we are committed to sustainability goals and to us food is food, not waste. We are pleased that the UAE Food Bank hosted an interactive workshop to shed some light on the ways forward to help eliminate food waste.

The UAE Food Bank is a non-profit charitable organisation launched on  January 4th, 2017 under the umbrella of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI). UAE Food Bank aims to reduce food waste by utilising unserved & unconsumed excess food and distributing them to different beneficiary groups.

Our expert Chef Raydan and our Executive Chefs  Sanal  Arackampally Chandrabanu and Chamara Madhushanka took part in the awareness workshop where they  prepared a range of mouthwatering meals by using what’s usually classified as production/cooking  food waste. Here is a sample of what the team did:

Vegetable trimming were mixed with chicken trimmings (chicken neck, chicken rib-cage and parts of the wings bone) to prepare chicken stock. The stock was after used to make a mushroom sauce that is served with chicken meals.

Chef Raydan went on to  prepare  a range of creative, delicious and refreshing foods, including:

  • Carrot pesto
  • A green detox
  • Fruit compost
  • Ripe bananas smoothie

At the end of the cooking session, the waste bin was empty, and the table was full of delicious food. At ADNH Compass, we have come up with creative ways of delivering delicious recipes to ensure we reduce food waste to a minimum.

Download detailed tasty recipes from our talented team of chefs here.