Rigorous Supply Chain Processes

Reducing food waste starts with smart procurement and diligent inventory management. Getting the right stock at the right time is very challenging for smaller orders at kitchens with limited storage capacity. Our rigorous Supply Chain processes, systems and continuous improvement strategies drive compliance to our quality and ethical framework for both approved suppliers and products.

Globally we are proud to be ranked amongst the group of Fortune 50 companies that Change the World due to positive social impact, and to be listed in the ‘FTSE4Good’ Index of companies accredited for their environmental and ecological strategies, policies and practices.

Eliminating Food Waste

Serving sustainable meals involves a multi-faceted approach, including designing sustainable menus, engraining sustainability into the dining operations, and responsible sourcing. Our way has been to implement strict Stop Food Waste practices and we are using technology to measure the effectiveness our endevour.

To mark the Stop Food Waste Day, our team of Chefs held an interactive workshop with the UAE Food Bank showing how food trimmings can be utilised to produce delicious meals.