With staff in our team that have experience managing facilities at Olympic games, it’s no surprise that our cleaning services are efficient and use robust operational methodologies.

We employ 12,000 cleaning staff across the UAE and can mobilise 100+ new cleaners within just 30 days! These staff support the 115+ cleaning contracts we have in the UAE including 133,000m2 of indoor and outdoor exhibition space, a well-known office building of 35 floors and some of the top Universities in the UAE just to name a few. Add to this, we have skilled staff who carry out specialist cleaning in more than 50 hospitals and clinics, as well as offshore installations.

While we enjoy introducing new machinery and technology to our cleaning services, we strongly believe that innovation in cleaning is not just about the latest equipment, but also about truly understanding the science behind cleaning, and developing processes and procedures to match.

Our operational manuals and standard operating procedures for all cleaning activity incorporate BICSc requirements and allow the flexibility to be aligned to specific client sites and environments. This ensures that definitions of clean are not left open to interpretation and we have a standard quality level all cleaning staff can work towards. 


As LBICSc (Licensed Assessors) we can train our cleaning operatives on License to Practice skills and seven more skills from the Cleaning Professionals Skills Suite.