We provide manpower supply for a range of positions on a contract basis for 1 year or more.

The majority of our manpower supply covers office boys, tea boys, cleaners, messengers, concierge, clerks and office assistant. We even provide Aerobic Fitness Instructors and lifeguards – typically for residential operations.

Carefully selected to ensure they provide the right level of professionalism and skill, we have over 50 satisfied clients, including Government ministries and offshore installations, all benefitting from our manpower services and support. 

Specially trained tea boys delivering service with a smile

The traditional Arabic Coffee Gahwah is an important part of Emirati life, and we make sure our tea boys are specially trained in the art of making and serving authentic beverages. This includes training via a Gahwah specialist covering how to make the beverage, hygiene and appropriate posture when serving.