We’re delighted to bring popular brands developed in the UK and USA to our UAE clients.

Provision of on-site retail offers is a great way for organisations to demonstrate how much they value their employees, with high quality convenience food and beverages. 

Partnerships with Global Coffee Brands

With our strong market position and access to a range of Global brands through the Compass Group network, we can bring our clients the brands they know and love direct to their sites. 

In-house branded café and dining  

Our three main brands, developed in the UK, each have a unique identity with the same quality food and beverage offering. Bespoke and modular designs for counter, seating and facilities can be tailored to fit a range of small and large spaces.

Peak St.- For those who like to stay on-trend while having a phenomenal coffee experience in modern and vibrant surroundings.

Caffè Dallucci– Synonymous with Fresh Food, Great Coffee and Good Company, the Caffe Dallucci brand is for those who enjoy a warm and comfortable place to take a break from work.

Deli Marché– A brand popular with many of our clients in the UAE, Deli Marchè presents a more traditional coffee experience with modern touches.

Food Trolley Service

While we encourage lunch and coffee breaks away from their desks, for health & wellbeing, we understand that isn’t always possible when you have important deadlines to meet. We bring ‘food to desks’ as part of our exciting trolley service and ensure our Client’s employees remain fuelled throughout the day for increased wellbeing and productivity.

Providing a unique ‘grab & go’ solution in limited spaces, our bright and attractive trolley service includes the same fresh, tasty and nutritious range as our Coffee Bars, with a standard and premium range of products to suit all budgets and tastes. Value for money promotions are a key feature of our offer, with combos and discounts to encourage sales and ensure high levels of consumer satisfaction. 

To ensure the freshness of produce and prevent cross contamination of food aromas, we’re rolling out food trollies fitted with ice pack trays to keep food at its best.

Worried about disruption to the working day? We work with our clients to provide a discrete service – agreeing the most appropriate times for trolley services to visit offices, and ensure our service is delivered to their convenience.